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About Us

Originally founded at Navy Pier, the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) was founded as a 2-year institution to support the WWII veterans looking to come back to school in 1946. In 1965, the University moved from Navy Pier to its current location in the

West Loop.
UIC was originally named as the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle due to its close proximity to the circle interchange, where Dan Ryan, Eisenhower and Kennedy Expressways all meet together.

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UIC Campus Housing

Campus Housing is home to over 3,000 students living on campus each year. Our mission is to provide an educational advantage in collaboration with residents, which serves as a pathway to success. Through engaging interactions and services, we promote a vibrant living environment in the heart of Chicago. 


Campus Housing operates 8 residence halls and 27 different unit types. What is unique about UIC is that the university does not requires you to stay on campus, but it is highly recommended since studies have shown that students finish in less time, are more exposed to culture and diversity and are more connected to the campus. Approximately 1/3 of our freshmen class lives on-campus.

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