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The conference theme, Endless Loop of Possibilities - Unify Ignite Charge, was selected due to the endless number of possibilities that the City of Chicago offers. The Chicago Loop is one such example, it is endless and connects various neighborhoods in the city.

The catchphrase, Unify Ignite Charge is a call to action. We want to encourage you all to Unify your campus communities, Ignite the passion to serve others, and Charge other people you interact with by passing on the knowledge.

Through the conference philanthropy we want you to give back to your community. 

Donation Drive

Identify a recurring need in your local community and conduct a donation drive to support. Donation drives can be anything from a food drive, book drive, clothing drive, hygiene and sanitation drive etc.

The drive can be conducted anytime after conference registration opens until the March 10, 2023 before check-in.

The delegations will provide the conference committee with a report which includes the number of items donated and pictures from the drive. The reports will be due to the conference committee at the time of conference check-in on March 10th.

Each item donated will count towards the philanthropy points of the institution.

Free Rice

Conference philanthropy will have an in-person Free Rice component. A group code will be shared during the opening ceremony for the delegations to engage in friendly competition in the down times. 

More information will be provided during the opening ceremony.

The combination of the Donation Drive and Free Rice will help us determine the most philanthropic delegation!







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